Enjoy Music While Learning Tabla

In order to learn this instrument, students must have a tabla set. I will teach you how to tune your tabla, which is very important before starting to play on it. I can also guide you in buying a good tabla set, as a good tabla gives you more satisfaction in your practice.

The best way of having a tabla lesson is via Skype™, which is a free software that you can download from internet (in case you don’t have it already). In order to have a good live experience via Skype™, the students should have a high speed internet connection, a good web-cam (preferably HD), a good set of headphones and a microphone.

A session is 60 minutes long, during which the student will be given different exercises that will develop both fingering and thinking in tabla.

In the first lesson, which is free of charge, we’ll take as much time as necessary in order to get to know each other and to see the level of the student. This because some students might already have a basic knowledge of the instrument, so we’ll continue from that point onward.

At the end of this first session we will decide the time and the date for the coming lessons. For the next sessions, the student will have to pay me, in advance, via paypal, for the next 60 minutes lesson.

The Paypal system is very easy to use. Just go to the website , sign up and follow the instructions for payments using either your bank account or credit card.